Why Professional Area Rug Cleaning in Bernalillo is a Must

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The idea of finding someone who specializes in area rug cleaning in Bernalillo might seem like a waste of time and money. I’ll do it myself, you think. What can a specialist do that I can’t?

This do-it-yourself attitude is something that many area rug owners have in common, and because of this attitude sometimes beautiful rugs suffer. So, before you write off the idea of hiring a professional for this job, consider these points:

1. A professional knows which cleaning products are best suited for which rug. Not all area rugs are made from the same materials. What is good for one might cause harm to another.

2. An area rug cleaning specialist will have the right tools for the job. Most of the equipment you own or can rent does not measure up to the equipment used by a professional. Renting equipment to clean your area rugs is also not that much cheaper than sending them out to be cleaned.

3. Certified technicians use the equipment. When you hire an area rug cleaning specialist you can be sure that trained professionals will use the right equipment. The right tools in the wrong hands can be a disaster.

4. An expert can identify problems such as mold growth. Mold on area rugs is common when it is humid, and can be dangerous to your health. An expert is trained to identify the first signs of mold growth and will take care of the problem before it’s too late.

These are just some of the reasons why you should enlist the help of a professional. If these are not enough to convince you, visit the Serafian’s website for more. Or, just stop wasting time and hire someone who knows about area rug cleaning in Bernalillo today. You and your rugs will be grateful.

Your Rug Deserves Only the Best Area Rug Cleaners in Rio Rancho

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If you are the proud owner of a handcrafted area rug, you know the importance of having it cleaned by a professional area rug cleaning in Rio Rancho who will treat your rug with the care and reverence that it deserves.

We love not only the practicality of our rugs but also their beauty. We appreciate that each rug is the end result of supreme skill and expertise, passed on from generations of artisans around the globe. Each rug has its own story to tell and sometimes they feature designs that are so intricate that they are impossible to reproduce with a machine.

Because rug making is such an ancient and time-honored tradition in many parts of the world, the materials used are almost always natural and include wool, cotton, silk, jute and animal hair. You should always be mindful to use only highly skilled professionals to clean these valuable works of art.

Hand-made rugs are either knotted or woven and they can become even more valuable as they grow older. It is important to make use of professional area rug cleaning experts who have the knowledge to preserve your rug for as long as possible.

One of the most distinctive and telling features of a hand-made rug is its fringe. While fringe on a machine made rug is sewn on, fringe on a handmade rug is an extension of the rug itself. Consequently, it is best to have your handmade area rug cleaned by experienced area rug cleaning professionals who do not use brushes, scrubbing or any other harsh methods that could severely damage your precious rug.

There is nothing like an exquisite handcrafted rug to lend any home an air of sophistication. If you look after it with love and care and only trust it to those who specialize in area rug cleaning in Rio Rancho, this unique treasure will provide joy and comfort for generations to come

Here’s Some Tips and Information About Professional Rug Cleaning

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If you are looking for an area rug cleaner in Los Lunas, NM, just follow the link to Serafian’s Oriental Rugs. How many times a year you should have your rugs professionally cleaned depends on your home environment. We say at least every two years but for some area rugs in certain homes this might not be enough. This recommendation is based on the fact that our cleaning method is both much more thorough and a bit more expensive that some other services but it is well worth it to take care of your investment.

Consider the following when deciding how often to have your rugs cleaned:

1.    How many pets are in the home? Apart from bringing in dirt from outside, pets also shed hair and excrete oils. They are messy eaters and drinkers and often choose rugs and carpeted areas as napping spots. The more pets you have and the larger they are, the more often you will have to clean your rugs and carpets.

2.    How many people live in the house? A large amount of traffic amounts to a large amount of dirt. People shed hair and skin cells and if they don’t take off their shoes when entering the house, they will also bring in a lot of dirt.

3.    Does any member of your family suffer from allergies? Clean rugs and carpets reduce the allergens in your home. Pets and people carry in pollen and if you live in a humid environment mold can often be found growing inside your home. Hire area rug cleaners regularly to prevent these allergens from building up to a point where they start affecting your health.

4.    Does your rug have a warranty and what does the warranty require? Some area rugs (especially expensive ones) come with a warranty and strict instructions on how often they must be cleaned. Make sure you follow these instructions to ensure that you don’t forfeit the warranty.

If you are still uncertain, get in touch with an area rug cleaner in Los Lunas, NM.

Some Tips for Choosing the Best Professional Area Rug Specialist

Finding an area rug cleaning service in Santa Fe can be a hassle if you don’t know where to look. The most affordable option doesn’t always mean you are getting the best deal.

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Here are a few tips from Serafian’s Oriental Rugs to ensure that you end up with the right professionals for the job:

1. Search the Internet for reviews. This will give you a clear indication of the customer service they provide. Nobody can tell you more about a company than its previous clients.

2. How is their customer service? A reputable service provider knows that first impressions matter. If they come across as being rude or unhelpful you know that they probably don’t really care about the kind of service they provide.

3. Do they give quotes? A company that does not give you a quote before starting a job should not be trusted. Chances are that they are looking to leave you with a surprisingly large bill once the job is complete.

4. Do they offer a money back guarantee? If they do, you can hold them responsible if something goes wrong. It also shows that they have trust in their own abilities to do the job right.

5. Make sure that the company you want to hire is using the latest equipment. New, well-maintained equipment will not only do a better job of cleaning your carpets, but an experienced and qualified technician is just as important.

6. Make sure the technicians using the equipment are properly trained. The right equipment in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage. What you should be looking for are certified carpet cleaning technicians. Also ensure that an official restoration body has certified the technicians.

It is important to remember that no matter how much time and effort you put into cleaning your rug it will not compare to the deep-cleaning service a professional rug cleaner will provide. So let Serafian’s Oriental Rugs help you to find a professional area rug cleaning service in Santa Fe.

The Importance of Area Rug Cleaning in Albuquerque, NM


Believe it or not, this isn’t a rug. This is a pile of dirt. The rug this came from was so packed with dirt, that when we turned it over and beat the back side of it, you could clearly see the pattern and colors of the rug.

This was caused by the dirt slowly grinding away at the fiber of the rug from the inside, so when we beat it, a lot of wool came out alongside the dirt. Unfortunately, that slow grinding process took a lot of life out of this rug.

Packed in dirt is the number one killer of rugs over time. This is why we recommend having your rugs cleaned every two years. Doing so will prevent the dirt from getting too deep into the foundation and taking years away from the life of your rug.

Like Magic Carpet Rides: Finds from Oriental Rug Sales in Albuquerque


Durable runner carpets, which are long, narrow Oriental rugs, can spruce up the floors of kitchens and hallways. Their extended lengths are perfect functional and aesthetic covers for plain, sprawling floors that may otherwise be slippery and dull.

For these purchases to last, stores like Serafian’s offer Albuquerque Oriental rug cleaning services. The debris, stains and odors pooled from the heavy foot traffic and chores on these areas would be professionally removed to maintain lovely, long-lasting Oriental rugs.

Restorations with a Santa Fe Oriental Rug Sales and Repair Company

Serafian's Oriental Rugs
Serafian’s Oriental Rugs

” Professional cleaning is one of the best ways to maintain the durability and appearance of your Oriental rug. When dirt, moisture and mildew accumulate abundantly, your rug becomes more prone to dry rot and warps. Its dyes will also fade or be masked by unsightly debris, stains, and even odors. Area rug cleaning in Santa Fe resolves those issues with safe, quality sanitation products and cleaning processes. The professional cleaner helps in reinforcing the strength of the carpet that may even fully reveal its vibrant colors and patterns.

Promptly repairing wear and tear signs make Oriental rugs longer-lasting. Small tears, holes, worn fringes, curling edges and other structural defects may seem inconsequential, but they can be the sources of more extensive damages. When these concerns are observed, especially on precious antique carpets, look for expert Oriental rug repair companies like Serafian’s. These pros will use decades of experience and precise skills to restore your cher