Here’s Some Tips and Information About Professional Rug Cleaning

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If you are looking for an area rug cleaner in Los Lunas, NM, just follow the link to Serafian’s Oriental Rugs. How many times a year you should have your rugs professionally cleaned depends on your home environment. We say at least every two years but for some area rugs in certain homes this might not be enough. This recommendation is based on the fact that our cleaning method is both much more thorough and a bit more expensive that some other services but it is well worth it to take care of your investment.

Consider the following when deciding how often to have your rugs cleaned:

1.    How many pets are in the home? Apart from bringing in dirt from outside, pets also shed hair and excrete oils. They are messy eaters and drinkers and often choose rugs and carpeted areas as napping spots. The more pets you have and the larger they are, the more often you will have to clean your rugs and carpets.

2.    How many people live in the house? A large amount of traffic amounts to a large amount of dirt. People shed hair and skin cells and if they don’t take off their shoes when entering the house, they will also bring in a lot of dirt.

3.    Does any member of your family suffer from allergies? Clean rugs and carpets reduce the allergens in your home. Pets and people carry in pollen and if you live in a humid environment mold can often be found growing inside your home. Hire area rug cleaners regularly to prevent these allergens from building up to a point where they start affecting your health.

4.    Does your rug have a warranty and what does the warranty require? Some area rugs (especially expensive ones) come with a warranty and strict instructions on how often they must be cleaned. Make sure you follow these instructions to ensure that you don’t forfeit the warranty.

If you are still uncertain, get in touch with an area rug cleaner in Los Lunas, NM.