Which Oriental Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors are Best?Which Oriental Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors are Best?

Hardwood floors are a gorgeous addition to a number of home decor styles. While these floors look sleek and clean, one thing they are not is comfortable. For this reason, many homeowners with hardwood floors like to add a few area rugs throughout the house. 

Before you find a couple of rugs, throw them on the ground, and call it a day, you should know that oriental rug pads for hardwood floors are an absolute necessity. If you don’t have a rug pad under your new Oriental rug, you are likely to damage your hardwood floors. This can be done by scratches, discoloration, and/or wearing the finish down. In order to avoid this catastrophe, let’s discuss why it happens as well as which pad is right for you.

Protect Your Hardwood Floors with a Rug Pad

Hardwood floors are a beautiful and classic look, and they are generally an expensive investment as well. Your hardwood floors are certainly not something you want to ruin! That is why oriental rug pads for hardwood floors are so important. A small purchase now will save you thousands in the future. That being said, they’re not all the same.

With so many options on the market, many people mistakenly think that all rug pads are basically the same. The truth is that oriental rug pads for hardwood floors can vary in terms of density and even material. It’s important to choose a pad that doesn’t use wood-damaging glues and that is dense and protective enough to handle the added pressure of furniture- without putting dents in your floor!

The average rug pad’s density is between a quarter inch and half an inch in thickness, so this is the range you’ll want to look for when shopping. The best rug pad for your hardwood floors is one that is constructed with felt and foam, as these materials provide a safe barrier between your rug and your floor. 

Rug pads are available in a wide range of sizes. You can find a perfect fit by ensuring the rug is slightly larger than the pad. This is necessary in order to completely hide your rug pad. You will want to give it an extra inch at the corners.

Buy Oriental Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors at Serafian’s

Far too many people spend weeks or months trying to find the perfect area rug, looking carefully at the color, texture, pattern and size, but then the area rug pad becomes just an afterthought. Don’t make this mistake! Make a smart choice when it comes to the padding underneath your Oriental rug and don’t skimp on the thickness. If you have any further questions, the friendly experts at Serafian’s are always here for you! We’ve been helping the Albuquerque community with their area rug needs for many years, and we’d be happy to make you our next educated customer.

 Ask Area Rug Dealers: What are the Best Materials for Rugs?

You know you want a new area rug for your home’s living or working space. If that’s all you know, that’s okay! Picking out the best material for your area rug doesn’t have to feel like an overwhelming task. In fact, we want you to enjoy shopping for your new rug. Our dedication to this is part of what has made us one of the top area rug dealers in Albuquerque. In order to help you become a savvy shopper, we’ve laid out the most popular types of rug materials as well as how to choose the best one for your space.

As you begin shopping at local area rug dealers, you will find a few main options. These are:

Wool Area Rugs

When shopping at area rug dealers, you’re going to want to begin your search looking at wool rugs. Wool is prized for its durability and softness. Wool area rugs are best for spaces in your home designed for comfort and lounging, as rugs made from this soft material will cozy up any space. Wool also provides insulating properties, making these rugs especially helpful for the colder months.

They’re more than just cozy, though. Wool rugs are also strong, making them good with stain and water repellency. This is why they are considered to be best for living rooms, dining rooms, and other high-traffic areas.

Silk Area Rugs

You may want to consider a silk rug for your bedroom or other low-traffic area of your home. Silk has been loved for thousands of years because it is luxurious and lustrous, meaning these silk rugs are adored for their softness and subtle sheen. 

Cotton Area Rugs

Generally more affordable than wool or silk, cotton is also easy to clean. If you’re worried about little kids or pets ruining your rug, this may be the right option for you. They are one of the most affordable rug material options on the market, so if you don’t think your rug will make it more than a few years this option is worth considering.

Natural Fibers Area Rugs

If you’re looking for rugs made from durable, organic materials that will stand up against high foot traffic, consider jute, seagrass, bamboo, or sisal. Jute is a rough plant fiber that feels both soft and durable to the touch. These natural grasses and other fibers combine neutral, earthy palettes and rich textures to make your rug an instant conversation topic.

Serafian’s is the Top Area Rug Dealers in Albuquerque

We offer New Mexico’s largest inventory of fine hand-knotted rugs from the Middle and Far East. For any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask! You can also visit our store and see our amazing area rugs options for yourself. By seeing them and feeling them in person, you’ll more easily be able to tell which is the perfect new rug for your living space.

Find the Best Rugs Online That Don’t Shed

Many people want a new rug in order to make sitting on the floor more comfortable and hygienic. That is what makes it particularly upsetting when you are shopping for the best rugs online, order one, have it delivered, sit on it, and then realize it is shedding. 

If you notice the balls of fiber on your clothing after you sit on the rug, have a full vacuum when you clean, or find yourself sweeping around your rug more often than ever, this means you have a shedding problem. Rugs tend to shed if you aren’t specifically looking for one that doesn’t. If you want to avoid this, you should make an effort to not only find the best rugs online, but also one specifically known for not shedding. Serafian’s is here to help you find it.

Rugs Known to Shed

If you want a rug that doesn’t shed, you’re going to want to stay away from natural fiber rugs, like jute, seagrass, sisal, and hemp. The natural fibers can break underfoot and will leave their particles and fibers around your home. You certainly want to stay away from viscose. This is known to be the worst offender, due to the fact that their fiber is made from pressed pulp. Their synthetic fibers are very easy to break under everyday wear and tear.

The Difference Between Sprouting and Shedding

You may have heard the wool rugs shed, but this actually isn’t true. Instead, wool rugs “sprout.” New rugs may shed, but as long as your wool rug was well made, the shedding should stop after a couple of weeks. The best rugs online, those that are hand-knotted, may show signs of untwisting due to the fact that they are straighter and these fibers are higher than the rest of the rug’s pile. Don’t worry! It is natural for this to happen, especially after the rug is cleaned. 

Keep the Shedding to a Minimum

Once you have looked at the best rugs online and chosen your favorite, you want to make sure it sheds as little as possible. Be sure to lightly vacuum your rug on a regular basis. Always follow the care instructions located on the label under the rug or that were given to you when purchasing it from a dealer. It’s also a great idea to use a rug pad. Not only does this protect your floors, a pad will also help trap and hold broken natural fibers between your scheduled cleanings.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Serafian’s. If you need your rug professionally cleaned in order to help it shed less, we handle that too!