3 Rules for Choosing the Right Size Rug

Are you in the market to buy a new Oriental area rug? Congratulations! This is going to drastically improve the look and feel of your home. Before you can move any further deciding on a style or color, you must first know what size rug you need. A properly sized rug can bring a room together, but an improperly sized one will make a space look awkward and unbalanced.

This is an incredibly important first step, one you cannot skip. A too-large area rug will make a room feel small and one that is too small will make the space feel awkward. Knocking off any rugs that aren’t the right size cuts down a lot of options, which is actually a good thing. Limiting the choices frees you up and prevents the paralysis of infinite options. You’ll want to keep these three rules in mind:

Rule #1 Match your rug to the shape of the room. 

In general, you want the shape of the rug to match the shape of the room. Because most living rooms are rectangular, living room rugs should be rectangular. If you’re putting the rug in a bedroom or den that is more square, look for a square rug. Putting a square rug in a longer rectangular room will leave an awkward space at one end.

Rule #2 Always leave space between the rug and the wall.

This brings us to our next point: spacing. An area rug should never reach all the way to the wall. This makes the rooms feel much smaller than it otherwise would. Make sure there is at least six inches of floor space between the area rug and the wall. This means you will want to keep the floor measurements in mind when shopping. Choose an Oriental area rug size that will leave a sufficient amount of space between its edges or fringe and all the walls.

Rule #3 Keep furniture placement consistent.

Do you want the rug to be in the middle of open space or have the furniture be on top? Will the furniture be all the way on top or only halfway, like the front legs of the couch on the floor and back legs on the edge of the rug? There’s no correct answer as long as you keep it consistent. Having the couch all the way off the rug and the loveseat all the way on will make the space feel odd and disconnected.

Serafian’s isn’t just a place to buy a new rug. We also want to educate our shoppers! Once you decide on the size of your area rug, we can also discuss how to find a high-quality rug, the history of different rug designs, and even how to care for your rug once you have it home. This is just one way we show our dedication to our customers! If you’re in the New Mexico area, the place to shop and educate yourself is Serafian’s.

Meet our Mor Machine – The most advanced of it type.

Serafian’s always looks to the industry to find new and better techniques to clean your rug.  A few years ago, we found an old piece of rug washing equipment which we redesigned.  The changes we made to this now advanced machine have given us one of, if not the single most advanced piece of rug washing equipment in the industry.  With it integrated into our wash floor, we can clean your rug faster and more effectively than ever before.

Mor Machine - Lots of rugs


Delivery was a huge undertaking.  It took a team of people and specialized equipment just to get it into our facility.

Mor Machine Delivery


It was such a big thing for us that we actually hosted an event that included delegates from the city and had a ribbon cutting and everything.

Mor machine Event


This machine is massive.  It’s so big that it wouldn’t have even fit in our wash plant before we expanded.

Mor Machine - Form the side


It does a few really neat and useful things for us.

Mor Machine - Jet Rinse


It was built with an advanced set of controls allowing us to customize the number of jets used, water pressure, water consumption, and more.

Mor Machine - Joey pressing Button Gif


The gentle jets thoroughly rise your rug, effectively removing soil, grime, and shampoos.

Mor Machine - Rinse form close up.


Once rinsed, the rug is squeezed in heavy wringers.  In addition to removing most of the moisture from the rug, it also squeezes out any remaining dirt, much like an old wringer in a washing machine.

Mor Machine - Rug squeeze


The whole process is gentle, yet very effective.  This machine save us a tremendous amount of time and effort in cleaning your rugs helping us to get your rugs looking the best they can.

Before and After Cleaning.gif


By Matt Gabel

Matt Gabel is the Retail Manager at Serafian’s Oriental Rugs. He has been working closely with rugs for over 25 years.  Serafian’s offers free pick up and delivery in the Albuquerque metro area. For more information, call (505) 504-RUGS or go to serafians.com


BoHo Chic – The Latest in Home Style Trends

Colorful and kitschy, BoHo Chic has dominated the fashion industry for years and has recently expanded into home décor. With clothing styles popularized by such names as Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, BoHo Chic has moved from the closet to living rooms, bedrooms, and more. It is the unconventional marriage of Bohemian colors and 1960s design sensibilities. Imagine an explosion of color and design flowing together in a brilliant menagerie of draperies, rugs, throws, and accent items, and you have an idea of what BoHo Chic for the home means.

BoHo Chic is all about breaking from the humdrum decorating norms. BoHo derives from “Bohemian Homeless.” It embraces not only decorating on a budget, casting aside the expensive and extravagant, but finding one’s own sense of color and design. Chic, of course, is all doing it with style!

To bring BoHo Chic into your home, begin with a bright and colorful unique tribal piece – perhaps a rug or wall hanging. This piece will be the centerpiece of your design, which can be surrounded with functional, simple, often solid colored furniture giving the space body.


One person who specializes in BoHo Chic is Joanna Gaines, known for her HGTV Fixer Upper Show. In addition to using BoHo Chic techniques in her show, she has launched a line of BoHo Chic rugs part of the Magnolia Home collection. The rugs can be utilized as the centerpiece of your BoHo Chic home design.


What Joanna says is: “The right rug can become the centerpiece of a room when it’s paired with the right space. The perfect one should be a continuation of the story your home tells, so whether you love bold, bright and patterned, or soft, neutral and subtle, there’s something in this rug collection that will speak to you— no matter your style.”

The Magnolia Home line of unique BoHo Chic rugs is available in New Mexico only at Serafian’s Oriental Rugs on Wyoming & Constitution or online at serafians.com.

Once the perfect rug has been found, continue your BoHo Chic design with a plethora of colorful throws and unique and eye catching items to accent and give depth and dimension to the area. Remember to be different but complementary. Every element in the space should feel unique and kitsch but also flow together with the other pieces. For instance, the throw pillow stands on its own in color and design, but looks good with that neat statue or foot stool you found at the flea market. That rug pulls into the drapes, which pulls into the covers, but it’s clear that none were was quite made for the other.

When you decorate your room to be BoHo Chic, don’t shy away from bright, bold, and beautiful colors. Anything can work. It’s less about using what’s expected and all about using what you love. The only real rule is that there are no strict rules. BoHo Chic is all about creating the space that reflects the inner, expressive you. Afterall, what is can possibly be more Chic than being yourself?


By: Matt Gabel

Matt Gabel is the Retail Manager at Serafian’s Oriental Rugs. He has been working closely with rugs for over 25 years.  Serafian’s offers free pick up and delivery in the Albuquerque metro area. For more information, call (505) 504-RUGS or go to serafians.com

Take a (picture) tour of our wash facility.

Cover Image

A little over a year ago, we decided to expand our wash operation into a larger facility. It was a big move, and today we’re set up to wash your rugs faster and better than ever before. Join us for a quick tour of our new facility and learn what we can do for you and your rugs.




Fenced in Area
Air Dusting area.

First we have our “Dry Phase” area. When your rug comes into our facility the first thing we do is measure and inspect it, looking for any special needs that it has. We determine the best methods for cleaning your rug, and contact you if we find any special considerations that need your attention. Next, we remove all of the loose soil from its foundation. This involves an air dusting technique and/or a tumble dusting technique. Our new facility has a large fenced in area where we can do more air dusting than ever before and the largest available tumble duster which gently drops the dirt out of your rug faster than any other known method.

Tumble duster.  And yes, that is dust you see pouring out.

Soaking Tube
“Pre-Soaking” vat

Next we enter the “Wet Phase” area of the facility. First your rug is treated and “pre-spotted” to ensure the dyes remain stable and tough stains are broken apart. If the rug has heavy urine saturation, we use isolated pre-soaking vats to disinfect and break apart the urine before tub washing them. Next, it goes into our wash tub where it churns underwater with gentle chemicals, breaking apart the greasy and dirt in the rug.





Our crew hard at work.

From there, we scrub and detail the rug, then run it through our Mor washer/rinser machine. Not only is this machine the most advanced of its type in the world, but it is a huge time saver for our workers. While it was being built, we worked directly with the manufacturer to make sure we could control every facet of this cleaning step. This ensures that the process is not only safe and effective for cleaning your rug, but uses surprisingly little water too. This is an important factor in New Mexico’s desert climate.

Loading the Mor Machine



Once your rug is clean, we run it
through our centrifuge, where it spins at 1100 RPM, removing most of the remaining moisture. When your rug leaves the centrifuge, it is just slightly damp. This minimizes the chance for dye bleeds and other problems in drying.

Its hard to put into words just how big a part of our operation the drying room is. It can hold over 5,000 square feet of clean rugs and get all of them dry in a single night. With huge fans keeping the air moving, a powerful heater keeping the temperature high, and a simple but effective method to hang large numbers of rugs, this space is without a doubt one of the biggest upgrades we managed to acquire with our move.

Drying Room
State of the art drying room.


Dye Kitchen
Dye Kitchen

After your rug is clean and dry, there are often still more steps that need to be taken. Sometimes this means repairing some damage from your beloved puppy or even re-dying areas on your rug where the sun faded the colors. In our new facility, we have all the space we could ever ask for to address these issues. There is a nice big area to use for the application of moth resistant spray and Fiber ProTector brand stain guard, a sectioned off area where we can stretch and block your rugs, another for pad cutting, a large and supply filled repair area where our workers can address any repair needs your rug may have, and even a “Dye Kitchen” where we can custom mix dyes for recoloring and repairing your rug.

Repair Stuff
Our repair specialists can fix any rug.

And of course, what tour would be complete without stopping at our employee’s favorite space. The break room, where after a long hard day of washing and repairing rugs, they can take a much needed rest break.

Break Room

Obviously the most important part!

Want to see a rug go through our process start to finish? Take a few minutes to watch our wash video.



By: Matt Gabel

Matt Gabel is the Retail Manager at Serafian’s Oriental Rugs. He has been working closely with rugs for over 25 years.  Serafian’s offers free pick up and delivery in the Albuquerque metro area. For more information, call (505) 504-RUGS or go to serafians.com

Amazing New Fiber Protection Technology!

Serafian’s has sold various fiber protection and stain-repellant products over the course of our history. We are extremely pleased and excited to announce that we have finally found a product that not only do we believe in 100%, but completely amazes us in its effectiveness!

547 Fiber ProTector was created by Norweigan scientists and is a hydrophobic polymer spray that is unquestionably the most advanced and effective fiber protection system available. This isn’t Scotch Guard, and it’s not a temporary fail-safe against staining.

Fiber ProTector forms an invisible shield around textile fibers providing an effective barrier against all kinds of organic matter such as pet stains, as well as food, drinks, dust and debris that on unprotected tiles would create permanent stains.

Our new Fiber ProTector adds UV protection and does not affect the texture of your surfaces or their breathability.  This product is used by major hotel chains, railroad trains, and airlines to protect their seating and furniture. Your rug should benefit from our protection! Call us at Serafian’s to have your rugs treated with 547 Fiber ProTector today.





Holiday Wash In Full Swing!

We asked Albuquerque to bring in their rugs for cleaning before their holiday guests arrived, and they’ve responded in a big way. Our new wash facility, built earlier in the year, is now operating at full capacity, with water flowing, soap bubbling, and dirt disappearing at an unprecedented rate! Here you can see our washers hard at work using our newest rug-cleaning machinery and tools. We’ve worked tirelessly to innovate and refine our process, and our customers are starting to see the results. Using our expanded building, 1,200 gallon wash tub, large centrifuge to spin water out of the rugs at 900 RPM, and a plethora of other tools, products, and techniques, New Mexico’s carpets are now being cleaned better and more thoroughly than they’ve ever been before.

Intrepid wash warriors of the sudsy plains take to their task. 

In addition, the services we offer beyond cleaning have expanded as well. Here, you can see our Wash manager, Brian, hand-dying wool in preparation for a restorative repair on an old, damaged carpet. Also, the fabric protection, rug padding, and storage solutions we offer are second to none as we continue to grow.

Brilliant colors made by a contentiously brilliant man. 

As you can see, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made as a business, and we have you, our customers, to thank for it. Stay with us as we have even more major improvements and announcements to make in the near future, and Happy Holidays!

Larry Mitchell Music Video shoot – featuring Serafian’s Rugs!

Today, world famous guitarist Larry Mitchell shot a new music video, and Serafian’s was honored to have our rugs present as the setpieces! Larry Mitchell is a Grammy award-winning producer, engineer and performer who has toured the world playing guitar with well-known artists including Tracy Chapman, Billy Squier, Ric Ocasek and Miguel Bosé.

We will be sure to post the video for everyone to see when it is completed. In the meantime, here are some images from the shoot.




How Rug Cleaners In Albuquerque Clean Delicate Rugs

Blog - 06

Antique and delicate rugs require different attention than rugs of a more commercial nature and thus need different approaches to cleaning. Professional rug cleaners in Albuquerque who are experienced in dealing with delicate rugs will inform you that it is not best practice to use high temperature cleaning machinery on fragile and antique rugs as the patterns and dyes on the rugs will then fade.

Rugs that are glued to the floor will certainly start to come apart should hot water begin to dissolve the glue. This is one of the biggest reasons that you need to brush up on the heat tolerance level of your fragile rugs before seeking the services of a reliable cleaning company.

Here are some points to consider when cleaning delicate rugs:

  • Stay away from hot water: Do not use hot water on delicate rugs. Lightly soiled rugs are best cleaned with a cold-water machine.
  • Low moisture machines: Try to work with a rug cleaner that offers low moisture machines as these serve several purposes – rugs dry faster, the machinery uses less water and it causes less stress to the rugs being cleaned.
  • Experienced rug cleaners: Use rug cleaning companies experienced in dealing with antique or delicate rugs.
  • Consider the use: If the affected fragile rugs you intend to have cleaned are located in a low traffic area, chances are that they will require less frequent and less severe cleaning, thus the rug cleaning company should adjust their cleaning strategy and methods accordingly.

Rug cleaners in Santa Fe:

With years of experience serving as rug cleaners in Albuquerque, Serafian’s Oriental Rugs has grown its base of satisfied customers.  With their dedication to fantastic customer service and their advanced cleaning machinery and technology, they remain miles ahead of their competition when it comes to their team of rug cleaners in Albuquerque.