Oriental Rug FAQs: Where to Buy Rug Pads

An authentic Oriental rug is a fantastic addition to any Albuquerque home. Purchasing a new rug nearly ensures your home will look great and feel welcoming for many years to come. Yet, you’re not finished with the purchase of the rug itself. You also need to know where to buy rug pads.

Table of Content

What is a rug pad?

Why are rug pads important?

Where to buy rug pads

What Is a Rug Pad?

Once you find the perfect rug, you’re going to want to look for an Oriental rug pad to go underneath it. This is absolutely essential for protecting both your floors and the rug you love. An Oriental rug pad that is placed under your rug acts as a buffer. It cushions the impact between the sole of your foot above it and the hard floor underneath it. This pad will be absorbing most of the impact of your steps, making sure the rug itself does not get worn out as easily. This is particularly important for Oriental rugs because of the way that these rugs are constructed.

Genuine Oriental rugs are woven by hand. The back of these rugs will always feature a series of knots that are hand tied by the expert artisan weaver. When an Oriental rug is placed directly on the floor, the knots tend to get rubbed against the floor every time somebody walks over the rug. The friction of the knots against the floor will eventually open the knot, and the weave will get loosened. Over time, the rug is likely to lose its even, tightly knotted look and its compact structure. 

Why Are Rug Pads Important?

It’s no wonder that Oriental rugs are sought after by the entire globe. They are known for extremely rich color combinations and unique designs, as well as a tremendous variety in design, color, size, and weave

The most important reason to put a rug pad underneath is that it helps to increase the life of your rug by protecting it from damage. When you have a fine area rug in your home, you want to protect your investment. An Oriental rug pad avoids premature wear and tear.

That’s not all. A rug pad also adds comfort to you and your family by providing a softer surface to walk on. If you don’t have a rug pad under your new Oriental rug and you have hardwood floors, you are likely to damage your floors. This can be done by scratches, discoloration, and/or wearing the finish down. 

Where to Buy Rug Pads

When wondering where to buy rug pads, know that the answer is easy. You can buy a rug pad at the same place you buy your gorgeous new rug! Come to Serafian’s for all things related to fine Oriental rugs. We are Albuquerque’s home for authentic pieces you will adore for generations to come. Remember, don’t leave without the rug pad!

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