Oriental Rug Repair: How to Fix a Rug That Is Unraveling

When you purchase a high-quality, authentic Oriental rug, you expect it to last for many years to come. This hope is not unfounded, as these rugs can last for generations and even centuries. That being said, they still need to be cared for in order to achieve this kind of life span. If your rug is showing signs of wear and tear, it must be attended to before the damage gets worse. Today, let’s discuss exactly how to fix a rug that is unraveling so you can do so.

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The Most Common Need for Rug Repair

How to Fix a Rug That Is Unraveling

Expert Rug Repair at Serafian’s

The Most Common Need for Rug Repair

The most common Oriental rug repair needed is end repairs. With hand woven rugs such as these, when the fringe is torn or worn, the knots of the rug start to slide away and off. Your rug starts slowly shrinking, getting shorter and shorter. This end is unraveling and losing its wool knots. Once a knot has pulled loose, it is lost for good! That’s why when your rug begins to unravel, you need to pay attention. The value of your Oriental rug is in those tiny little knots and so you want to keep them intact. 

How to Fix a Rug That Is Unraveling

Each year, your beautiful rug is walked across thousands and thousands of times, thereby wearing down the weave. Even a well-made rug will probably fray at the edges over time. This happens when the material that supports the weave becomes worn or damaged. The decorative fringe along the edges often unravels, or in extreme situations becomes detached from the body of the rug.

One option is to purchase a premade replacement fringe from a fabric store to match the damaged fringe. It is generally sold by the yard. If the ends of the original fringe are visible beneath the new fringe, trim them for a neater appearance. Do not use a machine; they are not delicate enough to properly thread the fringes together and can make your situation even worse. Use a blind hem stitch to neatly attach the replacement fringe. This is sewn primarily along the back of the material, leaving only tiny, neat stitches visible from the front.

It’s important to note that repairing a rug can damage its value. Expensive, authentic Oriental rugs should be repaired only by professionals. When damaged, fine Oriental rugs require top quality repairs to maintain their value and beauty. Someone who is a trained and experienced expert will most likely choose to reweave the damaged portions instead of replacing the entire fringe.

Expert Rug Repair at Serafian’s

Now, you know a little more about how to fix a rug that is unraveling. Those in Albuquerque don’t need to handle this on their own. Owners of handmade or valuable rugs should have the fringe repaired by a professional, in order to avoid messing it up further. Bring your Oriental rug to the rug repair experts at Serafian’s!

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