3 Rules for Choosing the Right Size Rug

Are you in the market to buy a new Oriental area rug? Congratulations! This is going to drastically improve the look and feel of your home. Before you can move any further deciding on a style or color, you must first know what size rug you need. A properly sized rug can bring a room together, but an improperly sized one will make a space look awkward and unbalanced.

This is an incredibly important first step, one you cannot skip. A too-large area rug will make a room feel small and one that is too small will make the space feel awkward. Knocking off any rugs that aren’t the right size cuts down a lot of options, which is actually a good thing. Limiting the choices frees you up and prevents the paralysis of infinite options. You’ll want to keep these three rules in mind:

Rule #1 Match your rug to the shape of the room. 

In general, you want the shape of the rug to match the shape of the room. Because most living rooms are rectangular, living room rugs should be rectangular. If you’re putting the rug in a bedroom or den that is more square, look for a square rug. Putting a square rug in a longer rectangular room will leave an awkward space at one end.

Rule #2 Always leave space between the rug and the wall.

This brings us to our next point: spacing. An area rug should never reach all the way to the wall. This makes the rooms feel much smaller than it otherwise would. Make sure there is at least six inches of floor space between the area rug and the wall. This means you will want to keep the floor measurements in mind when shopping. Choose an Oriental area rug size that will leave a sufficient amount of space between its edges or fringe and all the walls.

Rule #3 Keep furniture placement consistent.

Do you want the rug to be in the middle of open space or have the furniture be on top? Will the furniture be all the way on top or only halfway, like the front legs of the couch on the floor and back legs on the edge of the rug? There’s no correct answer as long as you keep it consistent. Having the couch all the way off the rug and the loveseat all the way on will make the space feel odd and disconnected.

Serafian’s isn’t just a place to buy a new rug. We also want to educate our shoppers! Once you decide on the size of your area rug, we can also discuss how to find a high-quality rug, the history of different rug designs, and even how to care for your rug once you have it home. This is just one way we show our dedication to our customers! If you’re in the New Mexico area, the place to shop and educate yourself is Serafian’s.

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