How Rug Cleaners In Albuquerque Clean Delicate Rugs

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Antique and delicate rugs require different attention than rugs of a more commercial nature and thus need different approaches to cleaning. Professional rug cleaners in Albuquerque who are experienced in dealing with delicate rugs will inform you that it is not best practice to use high temperature cleaning machinery on fragile and antique rugs as the patterns and dyes on the rugs will then fade.

Rugs that are glued to the floor will certainly start to come apart should hot water begin to dissolve the glue. This is one of the biggest reasons that you need to brush up on the heat tolerance level of your fragile rugs before seeking the services of a reliable cleaning company.

Here are some points to consider when cleaning delicate rugs:

  • Stay away from hot water: Do not use hot water on delicate rugs. Lightly soiled rugs are best cleaned with a cold-water machine.
  • Low moisture machines: Try to work with a rug cleaner that offers low moisture machines as these serve several purposes – rugs dry faster, the machinery uses less water and it causes less stress to the rugs being cleaned.
  • Experienced rug cleaners: Use rug cleaning companies experienced in dealing with antique or delicate rugs.
  • Consider the use: If the affected fragile rugs you intend to have cleaned are located in a low traffic area, chances are that they will require less frequent and less severe cleaning, thus the rug cleaning company should adjust their cleaning strategy and methods accordingly.

Rug cleaners in Santa Fe:

With years of experience serving as rug cleaners in Albuquerque, Serafian’s Oriental Rugs has grown its base of satisfied customers.  With their dedication to fantastic customer service and their advanced cleaning machinery and technology, they remain miles ahead of their competition when it comes to their team of rug cleaners in Albuquerque.

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