Where Can I Place an Oriental Rug?

When you imagine an Oriental rug, where do you picture it? Many people would answer either in the living room or in a fancy study of some sort, perhaps a den. These are all fantastic spots to place an authentic Oriental rug, but it’s far from an exhaustive list. In fact, you can put Oriental rugs anywhere and everywhere in your home!

Tips for Placing Oriental Rugs in Each Room of Your Home

Don’t limit yourself to only placing Oriental rugs in certain living areas. In fact, they are perfect for family spaces, like living rooms, kitchens, or dining rooms, because they hide dirt and spills well. Here’s a few tips for getting it right:


These rugs can change the dynamics in the room and bring your entire look together. They connect the different elements and give your room a sense of softness, comfort, coziness, and harmony- all things you want in your bedroom. 

What you’re looking for here is a rug that is incredibly soft. It will be the first thing you touch in the morning and the last thing at night, so pay close attention to the materials. We encourage you to find an Oriental rug made from “kurk.” Kurk comes from the first shearing of lambs between nine and 14 months old, and only from the neck and under the arms. Kurk has a feel almost like velvet, but is exceptionally strong.

Living Room and Other Common Living Spaces

Oriental rugs are perfect for family spaces, like living rooms, dens, TV rooms, playrooms, or dining rooms, because they hide dirt and spills so well. Not only is wool a natural dirt repellent, but you can purposefully find a design that hides stains. Find a bold and beautiful design with multiple colors, designs, shapes, and borders. Something like the Ardebil is incredibly not only gorgeous, it will also go a long way to hide dirt and spills. 


If you’re nervous about taking the leap with a large living room rug, try a smaller one for your kitchen instead. A smaller rug is more affordable, and you can ease yourself into expert rug purchasing. You’ll be amazed at the difference a small rug can make in a kitchen that seems bland and sterile.

A word of advice, though- be sure to stick with a dense and sturdy material. Stay far away from materials like viscose and silk. These materials are pretty, but even water droplets will stain it. This makes them a poor choice for the kitchen floor. 


That’s right- you don’t even need to limit Oriental rugs to the floor! Rugs are art and great art hanging on your walls can give your space warmth and depth. With a few dollar’s worth of supplies, you can hang your rug on the wall to showcase it properly.

No matter where you plan to place it, there is an Oriental rug for you at Serafian’s! We encourage you to shop with us to find your new rug, either on our website or in-person at our Albuquerque location. If you need help finding the ideal rug for your desired spot, we would be happy to help.

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