The Homeowner’s Guide to Buying the Best Rugs Online

There are many benefits of shopping online. It’s much more convenient, plus it’s often less expensive. A few clicks of your mouse saves you countless hours of driving all around your local region, and beyond. You can buy your rug from Serafian’s, even if you’re not in the Albuquerque area!

You can buy anything from a car to shoes to yes, even a high-quality Oriental rug online. Yet, this can feel a bit nerve-wracking. After all, these rugs are costly and you expect your rug to last for many years to come.

How can you know for sure that you are not just buying a rug but buying one of the best rugs online? It is not as impossible as it may seem. We put together a handy guide for you, in order to make your online rug shopping much easier.

Buy the Best Rugs Online

You don’t need to be a rug expert in order to find a great rug over the internet. Simply follow a few expert pieces of advice:

Check the Materials

When shopping online, don’t just click on a rug in a certain color or with the cutest pattern. Investigate what the rug is made out of. Not all rugs are made from the same materials. We encourage you to find one made from wool, as this is what the best rugs online are made from. Wool is a classic and has been used to make rugs for centuries. Wool is warm, soft, and resists spills. A wool rug has a longer lifespan than a synthetic alternative, and no smell. 

Consider How Pile Affects Comfort

Pile is how deep the fibers of the rug are. Low pile means that the rug will be stiffer and less plush, while deep or high pile means the fibers are long and soft. Low pile is typically easier to keep clean and will stay in good condition in the long run. Deep pile is best to be placed somewhere your family likes to lie on the floor.

Understand Knot Count

When looking to find the best rugs online, think of knots as pixels on a screen. Knot counts in rugs can vary from as low as 40 per square inch to as high as 1,200. The finer the knot count, the higher the resolution of the picture. Therefore, higher knot counts work best for rugs with a great amount of detail.

The Best Rugs Online can be Found at Serafian’s

Shopping at Serafian’s for a new Oriental rug means you never need to wonder about the quality of your rug or whether the company you buy it from stands behind it. We proudly offer Albuquerque’s largest inventory of fine hand-knotted rugs from the Middle and Far East. Shop our online catalog to find your favorite!

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