What Rug Shape Should I Use for a Rectangular Room?

If you’re getting started with decorating your home with beautiful Oriental rugs, chances are good you’ve found yourself looking at a wide variety of different rug options you can choose from. Depending on the style you’re going for in your home, you have numerous color and pattern options. What about the shape, though? Are there certain rules or style guides that tell you which rug shape to place in certain rooms?

Learn About Rug Shape

Choosing the rug shape for your intended space can be tricky. Maybe you want a round rug, but your space might be the sort where a round rug doesn’t look good there. This may be the case with a rectangle-shaped room. We take pride in educating our customers, so don’t worry that you have to figure this out on your own. In order to make things simpler, we have come up with a few ways to help you choose the best rug shape for your space:


This is by far the most popular rug shape out there. It is also the classic rug shape. Some of the oldest rugs on record are rectangular. This shape was widely popularized by tapestry style rugs and Persian antique rugs centuries ago.

Will a rectangle rug look great in a rectangle-shaped room? You bet! They go well with traditional decor. As well, they can also help blend a transitional room together if you’re working with a plethora of other design elements that fall more into the modern category.


Square rugs are ideal for square shaped rooms or smaller spaces. You wouldn’t want to put a square rug in a long hallway, as it would look awkward and cut the space apart. If you want to use one in a rectangular room, though, this can be done. For example, placing a square rug at the foot of your bed would look wonderful. In a living room, a square rug can be placed partly under the couch and partly under the coffee table.


Many of the same ideas regarding square rugs apply to round rugs as well. This shape is an especially popular trend in modern living and dining rooms. You can place a round rug under a round dining room table. You may also want something more circular for a family room, where it’s often used as additional seating space, and you can tell people to “circle up.”

Choosing a rug shape is a serious business! The perfect rug put in the wrong place won’t feel like the “perfect rug” for very long. Selecting the wrong shape and size for the room it will be placed in can make it look awkward or cause impractical annoyances. If you have any additional questions, come into our Albuquerque store and we’ll guide you through the process.

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