6 Worst Substances That can be Spilled on Your Rug

As they say… life happens. No one expects to spill and ruin their Oriental rug, but that’s why they call it an accident! That doesn’t make the stain any less bad or the rug any less ruined though! In order to avoid a terrible day and a lot of wasted money, here are a few substances you’ll want to keep far from your rug:

#1 Tomato Sauce

This natural red dye needs to be attacked as soon as possible. Quickly grab a clean towel and blot the stain. Do not rub it! A gentle carpet cleanser can often treat the stain, but you can always contact us if that doesn’t work.

#2 Wax

You may not think twice about lighting candles around your rug, but this is a mistake. Wax quickly hardens when it dries, attaching itself to carpet or rug fibers. Try to heat up the wax again to liquify it, being careful not to spread it. Dab it with a cleaning solution in order to remove any discoloration left.

#3 Coffee

Coffee’s proteins are very hard to remove by the average homeowner. These stains are best removed by the rug cleaning professionals at Serafian’s.

#4 Wine

Who doesn’t love a nice glass of red wine? Well, your rug! Wine is much harder to remove when it’s dry. For this reason, a wine stain needs to be handled as soon as it occurs.

#5 Nail Polish

This harsh chemical is incredibly hard to remove, especially when dry. It will require steam and special tools to remove this stain, so you’re better off reaching out to professional rug cleaners to help you handle this.

#6 Bleach or Other Cleaning Supplies

A harsh cleaning agent, like bleach or other chemicals, can quickly stain any surface that’s not already pure white. It works quickly and often leaves permanent damage that even professionals cannot reverse. Always remember to clean far away from your Oriental rugs, so you don’t risk even a drop spilling or splattering onto it.

Learning what to avoid spilling on your rug is only half of it. We recommend having your rug washed every two years. In fact, we so strongly want you to do this that we will wash it at half the normal price if you keep up with your biennial rug cleaning. This is incredibly beneficial to you. It allows us to catch small repairs and other issues before they become big, expensive problems. 

Serafian’s isn’t just the best place in New Mexico to buy a new rug. We also want to educate our shoppers! Our team would love to discuss how to care for your rug once you bring it home. This is just one way we show our dedication to our customers! If you’re in our area, the place to shop and educate yourself is Serafian’s. We are located at 1421 Wyoming Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87112 and you can also call us at (505) 504-RUGS (7847).

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