Are Rug Pads Necessary for Oriental Rugs?

Oriental Rug Pad

You want the best rug for your home, which means buying an Oriental rug. Are you finished after this purchase? Actually, no. Once you find the perfect rug, you’re going to want to look for an Oriental rug pad to go underneath it.

While an Oriental rug pad may seem like an after-thought, it is absolutely essential for protecting both your floors and the rug you love. When it comes to valuable Oriental rugs, a high-quality rug pad is an absolute must!

You Need an Oriental Rug Pad

Placing an Oriental rug pad under your new rug is strongly recommended for several reasons. The most important reason is that it helps to increase the life of your rug by protecting it from wear and tear. When you have a fine area rug in your home, you want to protect your investment. After all, something that is handmade and high-quality isn’t going to be cheap.

How does it work? An Oriental rug pad that is placed under your rug acts as a buffer. It cushions the impact between the sole of your foot above it and the hard floor underneath it. Due to the fact that this pad is absorbing most of the impact of your steps, the rug does not get worn out as easily. While this is very useful for all types of rugs, it is especially important for Oriental rugs because of the way that these rugs are constructed.

Genuine Oriental rugs, like those sold here at Serafian’s, are always woven by hand. That means the back of these rugs will always feature a series of knots that are hand tied by the expert artisan weaver. When an Oriental rug is placed directly on the floor, the knots tend to get rubbed against the floor every time somebody walks over the rug. The friction of the knots against the floor will eventually open the knot, and the weave will get loosened. Over a period of time, several years, the rug is likely to lose its even, tightly knotted look and its compact structure. If not repaired by professionals, it will begin to look shapeless and uneven. That would be devastating! An Oriental rug pad avoids this.

That’s not the only reason a pad is a good thing to buy. A rug pad placed under the rug also adds comfort to you and your family by providing a softer surface to walk on. When shopping for an Oriental rug pad, you have three main options: a foam pad, a thick underpad, and a pad made specifically for wooden floors. 

Come to Serafian’s for all of Your Oriental Rug Needs

Those in New Mexico have the experts at Serafian’s for all of their Oriental rug needs and questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us anything else you’re wondering about!

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