How Much Should I Spend on Rug Cleaning?

An oriental rug is not just any rug. These are exceptionally made by experts, with the world’s best materials. By design, oriental carpets are made to last for generations. Of course, this will only happen if you care for it properly. Without a little TLC, a foreign luxury car will wind up on the side of the road eventually. The same mindset applies to your rug! If you take a few simple steps, you can make your rug last a long time- and look beautiful throughout its life. One way to do this is to have your oriental rug professionally cleaned from time to time. 

Have Your Rug Professionally Cleaned at Serafian’s

While regular vacuuming and quickly cleaning spills are important for maintaining fine area rugs, these methods are only sufficient for keeping the surface of your carpet clean. This isn’t a replacement for the professional rug cleaning that an oriental rug like this requires. Chemical cleaners can damage the delicate fibers that make up a rug. Even steam cleaning often fails to remove deep particles and penetrated stains. Professional deep cleaning is the only guaranteed method to remove the dirt and other abrasive particles that eventually wear down and destroy these precious and woven rugs.

Here in New Mexico, this service can and should be done at Serafian’s! We utilize specially-built equipment that replicates traditional methods of cleaning fine oriental rugs while taking advantage of the best modern technology available. Our total immersion process removes the maximum amount of dirt and contaminants. This gently returns your expensive rugs to their highest level of beauty, while also preventing any damage.

How Much is New Mexico Rug Cleaning?

It’s important to note that in order to have a good estimate for the cost you should expect, you’ll need to tell our team a few things about your rug first. You will be charged a fee based on the area, or square footage, of your rug. As a quick example, let’s say you have an eight foot by ten foot rug. This is 80 square feet. If your rug cleaner charges five dollars per square foot, the total cost would be $300. Some rugs will be more expensive to have cleaned than others. You can expect to pay from $4 per square foot up to $10 per square foot for the finest rugs.

We offer free estimates on our rug repair and rug cleaning services! Contact us now and tell us a little more about your rug, especially the size. We will even come pick it up for you and deliver it back when we’re finished. It’s just one more way we show how dedicated we are to our customers!

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