How to Vacuum a Hand-Knotted Rug

A large area rug is an investment, so it’s certainly something you’ll want to care for in the best way possible. You know you need to clean it, but how? Can you vacuum it? Serafian’s is here to answer all of your questions!

What is a Hand-Knotted Rug?

Hand-knotted rugs are thousands or millions of knots individually tied to a foundation. Wow! That’s pretty incredible! Hand knotted rugs are typically made from natural materials like wool, silk, cotton, bamboo, jute, or a blend of different fibers. The use of these top-quality materials together with a complex hand weaving technique give a hand knotted rug a remarkable amount of strength and durability.

Hand-knotted oriental rugs are more than just a floor covering. They are an art form with a history spanning thousands of years and a wide variety of cultures. These handmade rugs are used as protection from the elements, decoration for dwellings, objects of desire, and family heirlooms for people from all walks of life.

How to Vacuum a Hand-Knotted Rug

In order to care for your hand-knotted rug well, you’ll need to follow these four pieces of advice:

#1 Vacuum Regularly

It is important to note that this means using the suction of the vacuum, but never using a beater bar or brush. Scraping is not good for the rug! Either turn the brush off or just use the attachments. Following up with regular TLC will make a difference in how often the rug needs to be sent for professional cleanings.

#2 Avoid the Fringe

Many hand-knotted rugs have fringe. Never, ever vacuum the fringe! The continued catching of the fringe in the suction of a vacuum cleaner causes the fringes to break and tear.

#3 Don’t Forget the Underside

If your rug is small- to medium-sized, it’s a good idea to flip it over and vacuum the underside. This should be done about every six months. This step helps to remove dust and also ensure there is nothing nasty deeply embedded in the wool fibers.

#4 Be Gentle

You want to gently suction the rug, so don’t use an overly-powerful tool. You don’t want the wool fibers to start shedding!

Trust Serafian’s for Your Rug Care Advice

We are the best place to buy a rug in New Mexico. That is because we don’t just sell you a rug, we help you care for it as well! We offer a plethora of rug care education and advice. We know buying and caring for an Oriental rug can be an intimidating process. You don’t need to be an expert to find the rug that suits you, but we feel education is a great way to begin the experience of purchasing and owning a fine area rug.

Our rug professionals have built a wealth of knowledge through decades of experience. We enjoy sharing and guiding our customers towards understanding the vast history, tradition, and craft surrounding the world of these beautiful and time honored works. We encourage you to contact us with any additional questions you may have about the best way to care for your hand-knotted rug

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