4 Expert Advice and Tips for Choosing the Right Rug Color

Rugs are a great way to add new color to any room of the house. The right rug for your space will bring the whole room together and create a space you love. But, how can you find the right wrong? It isn’t hard to do, especially if you follow our advice!

#1 Consider the area it is going in. You want the rug to be the centerpiece of the room, which means taking the room itself into account. For a rug that’s going to last, you’ll want to make sure it can hold up to your lifestyle. A dark-colored, patterned rug will hide stains or dirt in high-activity areas like your living room. While you probably don’t want a light colored rug under your dining room table, this same rug would look fabulous in your bedroom where you don’t spill or track dirt.

#2 Think about the color of the floor. This rug is big, but you’re still going to see some floor around the edges. This is why one of the most important factors in choosing a rug is the color of the floor it will be placed on. Choosing a rug that contrasts well with the floor can do a lot to liven the space up. If you have dark wood flooring, a brightly colored rug will stand out nicely on top of it. Just the same, a dark, bold, or richly-colored rug will balance out more lightly colored flooring. 

#3 Decide what you want to stand out in the room. Do you want the rug to be the focal point or accentuate something else in the room? If you want your furniture, curtains, or painted walls to be the main focal point of a room’s design, then pick a neutral, solid colored rug. On the other hand, an eye-catching, patterned rug can brighten up a more bland space and be the focal point of the room’s color design. If you choose one of these rugs, you want to make sure you then select more plain curtains, pillows, and other accent pieces. 

#4 Match a secondary color. You don’t want everything in the room to be the same color. That’s why we encourage you to match your rug to an accent color in something else already in the space. For a living room rug, you would want to make sure it complements your sofa color, as well as matches to the accent colors in the room. Let’s say your couch is brown and your curtains are brown and beige. Our Adler White Sand rug would be perfect to bring out those hues!

A new rug is an investment! At Serafian’s, we don’t just sell rugs in New Mexico. We are leaders in the industry, so we make it our mission to educate and inform shoppers as to the best way to buy a new rug. We want you to shop with confidence so you end up absolutely loving your ultimate choice!

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